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I've built this site with the indent to both promote my own work and to help people understand some scientific, philosophical and artistic concepts that might be difficult to find for free.

Since a lot of the content on the site is directed towards teaching and educating, I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to let the readers suggest what they want to read about. This is why I created this page. Here you can send me the topics that interest you, and that you want clarified. If I can, I will try to answer your question with the adequate article or video.

I can try to explain concepts from different scientific areas on the beginner and intermediate level. For more advanced topics, you can review my home page to see what kinds of things I am competent to answer.

You can ask me questions about physics, logic, philosphy, and science in general. Also, music theory is something where I might be able to help you.

If I cannot answer your question adequatly, I will try to direct you towards someone who will.

I do this as a hobby, and without the need to be payed for the same. It is my oppinion that knowledge and education should be free. In order to succeed as a society, we must firts build the adequate social values to do the same. Knowledge is a start. If each of us tries to learn and teach individually, we can all progress as a whole.

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