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Pencil drawings and other art.

Drawings and art

This is a collection of some of my pencil drawings and art.

I mostly draw using pencils or charcoal. This way I can achieve more detail easily. This is my second hobby, and I only do it when I find time. Most of these drawings were done during lectures I found less interesting. :)

The style of the drawings might be considered by some to be a bit dark, but there are a couple of nice and bright drawings here. I frequently use a rose as a symbol in my drawings. Omitting the thorns from the rose I try to symbolize purity of love (and not love only in human-to-human way, but in a more complex way as human-to-nature). There is a force that binds everything, and I try to portray this in some of my drawings. Other concepts that I used in some of my drawings are time, bonds and society.

There is a bit of philosophy in most of my art. In my stories I also address some of the same philosophical questions.

These images are copyrighted. However, if you wish to use them, you can contact me at igor@igorsevo.com.

Design and drawing

Semi-professionally, I do logo and business card design. I use both vector and raster graphics.

If you wish to have a logo, card or website designed, or you want a digital painting, you can contact me at art@igorsevo.com. I receive payments via PayPal.


As another hobby, I took up photography. Some of my photographs are available online for free, while others I sell through various online marketplaces. Dreamstime is a great place to sell stock photos. I have a few photos there and on a few other marketplaces.


These are my drawings categorized in albums:

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New story

A new story, The curious case of conspicuous court, is available on the site.